Words to our emotions

by Shazzzzzz

What amazing tools theses words are for us to be able to work through the areas we have disconnected with in the past and for the future when pain strikes. Including being able to help others along the way.

The powerlessness......the root of our rejection.......taking hold of this will be powerful...in taking ownership of our wrong actions but also too by not accepting someone else's wrong towards us as our own wrong.....It is their mistakes and they can own them....This is where healing took a big jump for me.

We have such a loving Dad, who just does not want us to walk in shame and I can remember one time saying to Dad..."Oh I forgot to....." and His response to me was, "Don't worry about it." My thought straight away was He knows my heart was to do the right thing.

I can relate to Peter's shame.....I used to say to Dad, I can handle it and fall into a heap....maybe not as big as Peter..... I got to the place where I would add....with your help Dad.

The tension between good and bad within myself.......m e s s y. Wow growing in God helps us to accept this.....We are not God, so it is all good to accept the good and bad.

It is only in the last couple of years that I am seeing that I bring value to the table. Before I was fighting and the underling thing I was often saying was......"Do you hear me" and totally second guessing myself.

I have come to the place to know I am human and fail as well as not letting people shame me because I failed. That actually took years to come about.

Two things since starting this study that I have come to accept about myself are:
1. My size, because of my comfort eating during my life, I am larger than I would like to be and even if I lose weight at my age I am going to have wrinkles.....
2. I lost 3 children before they were born.....So I have 3 more children than I thought.

These bring comfort to me...And I actually have more acceptance of who I am from accepting them:) Because that is what I have lived.

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Oct 13, 2017
ch 7
by: lois

i always appreciate your ability to separate your stuff and owning that but not owning someone else's stuff. it reminds me of Arthur's question of 'what problems are yours to solve and which are not.'

i can relate to God knowing your heart. there were times that he was the only one who i could turn to because others saw something and judged it accordingly. i have experienced his tender heart toward me when no one else did.

i too can second guess myself. i get annoyed when i am sure of something and then i am not. i am working on not letting past experiences define the present. growing in trust.

yes, indeed you bring value to the table. so enjoy your presence here.

thank you for sharing

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